Lounge Chair

Metaphor of sail that is lost in the horizon, Beyond Tagus, Beyond Sea (Além Mar).

Metaphor of sail that returns, full of different materials, aesthetics and cultures.

Lisbon, an amalgam of all these exchanges and estates, where wood from Vera Cruz crosses with African straws and Indian fabrics.

Under looks and aesthetics that come and gom they blen and create a unique legacy that transforms everyday.


"ALÉM MAR" is a Lounge Chair created by Tiago Patrício Rodrigues & João Bernardes Vilela where the simplicity of the design and the nobility of the material used, gives to "ALÉM MAR" a lightness and an unique aesthetic. Rosewood and traditional cane, build structure. Underneath it sits a textile fabric like a tensioned sail, and a cushion overlays natural linen and feathers.