Brazil Apartment

Interior Design
Past Present
Residencial . Lisbon . 260 m2

Spaces without time, outlined the conceptual basis of this Interior Design project for an apartment with generous dimensions and contemporary aura in a privileged area of Lisbon.

In the beginning, a quiet and silent house, but in all areas we will be surprised with a sophisticated but discreet ambience, like a gallant character.

Environments where the past remains, and the present is timeless. Where furniture and art acquire their own character, ripping aesthetics, times and conventions, leading us to utopias and fantasies, where geometries, animals and characters coexist.

Natural materials and textures also converge in the same timelessness atmosphere: velvets cotton, linens and wool, combine with several types of woods in soft and warm pallets.

Collaboration: Luciana Cravo

Photography: Marlene Oliveira