By Tagus River Apartment

Interior Design

Reflections of Light and Color

Residencial . Lisboa . 120m2

A clear and contemporary design that breathes a strong sense of nature, present in materials, furniture and details that weave the atmosphere of this T2 apartment, measuring 120m2, located in a remarkable historic area of ​​Lisbon. Spaces of luminous tones, in which brushstrokes and details are drawn that are inspired and refer to the Tejo, in its different chromatic hues and in its reflections of the city. A graphic image, in an aesthetic that wants to be serene and natural. Natural in the senses, in the shapes,  but above all in the materials and textures, where touch and well-being are imperative design premises. Oak wood, straw and many other vegetable textures, linen, wool and silk that seduce, appease and comfort us.

Photography: Marlene Oliveira