Comporta Bicas House

Interior Design

Montado Breeze

Residencial. Comporta. 225 m2

Sound metaphor of the pine and oak surroundings that involve this single-family house in the area of Comporta. Also seemingly silent are the interiors designed for it. Serene as the wind whispering through the trees, speckled with the humming of insects and the singing of the cicadas.

The interiors are an extension of this stillness, with a simple and functional design, as a connection to the natural surroundings in every single material and texture. As they are also speckled. Speckled with colour.

The spirit of each space is stripped down and relaxed, just as a leisure house should be. A contemporary aesthetic merges with timeless design, in which the materials, colours and details are a subtle reference to the Mediterranean and local popular culture.

Photography: Marlene Oliveira