House 8

Architecture Rehabilitation + Interior Design

Manifesto of a legacy

Residential. Santa Cruz. 70+25 m2

A small semi-detached summer house updated. A family legacy revitalized through an architecture and interior design project redesigning spaces and function, keeping the identity and spirit of the 60’s decade. A project in which the vernacular local identity, crafts, and artistic spirit blend in a festive and spontaneous manner.

In the architecture, contemporary and functional design are combined with materials commonly used in Portugal in the mid-20th century, such as granolithic concrete, hand-painted tiles, Estremoz marbles, cobogó bricks, and others. The design itself is stylized and search for frugal simplicity.

In the interiors, the different eras of time blend in the form of an eclectic design, casual and joyful just like a summer vacation house should be.

Colours, textures and patterns, materials, lists, and drawings, all come together in an unusual way, without any obvious connection except the whole. And like just like that, the different environments of the house are designed, a decorative manifesto in which the aesthetic of every detail is present.

Photography: Claúdia Rocha