Olivais Duplex

Interior Architecture
Scale Abstraction
Residencial . Lisbon . 80 m2

In this rehabilitation we opted for a projection approach clearly contemporary, tearing specialties, updating and optimizing functions, in the search for scale and breadth, without breaking with the original modernist spirit of the 60s.
The stairs and the original guard were preserved being the major architectural component focus of all spatial dynamics, around which were developed new architectural elements.
Conceptually, these new elements are characterized by two volumetric / boxes that develop on both floors. In the social floor, the perception of the box is translated through a route around it, in which we put ourselves out of it; in the intimate floor, the perception is reversed, here the box involves us, clearly putting us inside it. Developing a principle of ambiguity and abstraction that seeks the dilution of the architectural scale.

Photography: Marlene Oliveira